6 min.


Brown Morning

Matin Brun

Charlie is living in troubled times under Brown oppression. An ordinary young man, surrounded by his blue dog and pink cat, he looks away cowardly to avoid trouble.

Charly lives a happy life with his old blue dog and his little pink cat. When a brown cat tries to get into his house, he ignores it. When a cute little brown pug cavorts in his garden, he laughs. Gradually, the little brown animals grow up and take over the lives and thoughts of the people around Charly. From small compromises to big cowardice, he ends up sacrificing his own pets so he can stay out of trouble. But when the brown militia arrests his neighbour for having owned a colored dog in the past, Charly realizes that even acquiring a new brown dog won't protect him from an authoritarian power with absurd laws. He understands that he should have reacted sooner. Adapted from the internationally acclaimed short novel “Matin Brun” of Franck Pavloff.

Director’s statement
In the short story, the plight of non-brown dogs and cats that appealed to me; it evokes universal empathy. Hence the idea of being from the animals' point of view.
Doghouse Films gladly followed me in this approach, and the writing quickly grew into a playful and chilling short film, where the entertainment turns into a tragic warning.
Art has to be connected to the era, and this film has a strong artistic and political bias. It is accessible to the largest possible audience.
I believe that millenials are particularly receptive the magic of animation, which blends easily into web culture. It's to them that the film is targeted: today, screen addiction pollutes and softens our brains.
If social networks stir up conspiracies, and medias are monopolized by the watchdogs of power, we have to wage a constant battle to exercise our critical spirit.
It's nice to "clear your head" with cat videos while scrolling through your feed, but let's not forget to turn it back on!

Director and Scriptwriter
David Mouraire

Country of production


Target audience

Teenagers and adults

Animation technique

2D (vector based)

Production company


Estimated budget

227 000 EUR

Funding secured

150 000 EUR - Film Fund Luxembourg

Stage of the project


Looking for

Distributor, broadcaster, international sales


CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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