TV series


20 x 3’


Betti and Lola

Život s Lolom

Young woman, Betti, and her demanding, super-smart talking dog fight boredom by finding adventures in everyday moments.

Betti lives with her talking fox terrier – Lola. She is facing her “growing up crisis”. She is clumsy, stressed and moody. On the other hand, Lola the dog is care-free, but sharp and knows exactly what she wants – and how to get it. Sometimes she gives the woman advice and sometimes she is amused by human nonsense. There is nothing that Betty would not do for Lola and there is nothing Lola would not do for the tennis ball. Throughout the series, there are some more characters that Lola and Betty interact with, like their family members and close friends, but the main story is focused on the friendship between the two.

Director’s statement
The series is inspired by my own (real) life with my dog. The story is based on truth – I struggled with the everyday adult world and my biggest support and the “partner in crime” was, and still is, Lola, the fox terrier.
The girl is clumsy, stressed, often moody and confused. These are my real-life weaknesses but emphasised additionally to become humorous. The dog is smart, serious, needy and sometimes in the role of “a personal demon” in the funniest way.
The tone of the series is light, funny and surprising. The main goal is to trivialise “modern problems” of young people and make us enjoy life more – like dogs do.
The drawing style is simple and clean, with black line on paper (textures). The lines are flickering and the character’s movement is sometimes surreal, overemphasised.
The image is monochrome with colour accents or very subtle pastel colour backgrounds.


Hana Tintor

Draško Ivezić

Country of production


Target audience

young adults

Animation technique


Production company

Adriatic Animation

Estimated budget

EUR 100,000

Funding secured


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CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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