TV series


13 x 8’


The Three Gadgetiers


The Three Gadgetiers are forest friends. They are good-hearted, but always up to great mischief. Thanks to their unique and witty gadgets, they find a way to fix any mess.

The Three Gadgetiers (Pilot): Three little forest friends - a turtle, a hedgehog, and a fox, indulge in games in the company of their ingenious inventions. Their attention is drawn to a garden with appetizing delicacies. The three come up with a plan and sneak into the garden. An unknown creature interrupts their game. They are forced to defend themselves with gadgets made from fruits and vegetables. The animals lose the battle, and take refuge with Grandpa Badger who reveals the secret of the creature. Where is the treasure hidden? (EP2): The Gadgetiers eavesdrop on Grandpa Badger and Granny Bunny who are talking together and say that the greatest treasure is hidden in the heart. Our little friends do not hear the last word and are thrilled to think that there is a treasure hidden somewhere. Costa prepares a plan, a map, and variety of gadgets, and they set out in search of the treasure. After a fruitless search with many adventures, Granny Bunny reveals that the greatest treasure is hidden in the heart.

Director’s statement
The TV mini series tells the story of three inventive forest friends – a turtle, a hedgehog, and a fox. They are witty and creative and always come up with some mischief with a gadget in hand. At the end of every episode, the characters make some breakthrough or discovery. It is important for children to understand primary social and everyday issues from an early age, like what it means to be polite and to be respectful of others’ effort and work. The artwork will look like watercolor pictures and recall children‘s book illustrations, with lots of attention to detail, especially for the gadgets, which are an important element for children in that age group. The characters are drawn as anthropomorphic creatures, while the colors and shapes keep the natural characteristics of the animals. We are certain children will have fun watching the series, because of the style, the characters, and sets, and the fun which every episode will offer.

Country of production


Target audience

children aged 4–6

Animation Technique

drawing, 3D (CGI)

Production company

Zographic Films Ltd.

CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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