The Pet Named Stress

Ljubimac Stres

Greta, aged six, struggles to overcome her insecurities with the help of her new pet named Stress.

After three girls in the neighbourhood dismiss Greta, she becomes dreadful. On her way home, she finds a messy creature and adopts it. As Greta feels uneasy about the girls’ denial, her new pet shows an aggressive nature and destroys everything in the house. Scared and defeated, Greta leaves the animal in the woods. But because of the guilt, she brings it back and names it Stress. She uses books on training and begins to tame it. Finally, they demonstrate tricks in the neighbourhood. Three girls approach Greta and Stress, wanting to become friends.

Director’s statement
The Pet Named Stress represents the actual feeling of stress and how to deal with it when it is too much. I want to use humour as a tool to make the story more approachable to the wider audience. The graphic approach that I use is based on black ink brushes and acrylic colours that I applied in my previous illustration work. I would use only body movement and sound effects without dialogues or voiceover.


Laura Martinović

Draško Ivezić

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Adriatic Animation

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