The Helpers


A quirky story of a frustrated clerk who, seeking release from his domineering father, suddenly discovers his true self and helps to put an end to the existence of the city of pressure, Waffeldorf.

Set in the waffle city Waffeldorf “The Helpers” is a story of a deeply frustrated clerk – Mr Mongrel - who sacrifices all his time and energy to nervously holding to his daily rituals. His extremely organised life is disturbed by the appearance of Mrs Froggot – the collector of exotic reptiles who entrusts him with her accounting errands. The moment they meet is very intense, soon a sexual bond ties them together. Not ready to be swamped by infatuation, Mr Mongrel seeks refuge from the perplexing feelings and makes an even more distressing discovery – he notices the existence of the Helpers – little creatures who make the clerk’s life more bearable. This discovery makes Mongrel's life collapse as well as leading towards a general strike of the Helpers, causing complete chaos in Waffeldorf. The transforming power of love between Mr Mongrel and Mrs Froggot will bring peace between humans and the helpers and cease the city of pressure to exist, making room for the civilization to spring out.

Director’s statement
”The Helpers” is a full-length animated film directed by myself on the basis of a script written by Weronika Stencel. As a director, I want the film to be entirely hand-drawn with crayons, which is closely related to the specificity of the line I have developed over several years in the creative process. To this very application, we attach a number of illustrations which reflect the visual character that will be presented in the film. Both the visual and substantive layer of the project will be strongly expressive, surrealistic, perverse, but also universal in its message, containing symbols and contexts from the world of pop culture. Thus, “The Helpers” is meant to combine what is close and familiar to every viewer with what is fresh, new and stimulates the imagination. The psychological depth of the story of the film's main character, Mr. Mongler, will allow viewers to discover and understand the motives behind their own actions in reality.


Grzegorz Skorupski

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Estimated budget

1 102 000,00 EUR

Funding secured

55100 (development grant of the Polish Film Institute)


CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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