TV series


23x4 min


The Forest Five

Lesná päťka

Five forest cubs explore the secrets of the world and especially the most important one - FRIENDSHIP.

Albert the restless little marten, Emil the sluggish bear cub, Igy the cheeky wolf cub, Olivka the chamois kid, Ula the independent lynx kitten. This is THE FOREST FIVE. Young animals meet every morning in the middle of the forest, in a meadow with a wise thousand-year-old Oak Tree. Every morning, he opens the gate and lets they into a vast undiscovered land called Mysteria. At first glance, it might seem empty, but once the young enter, it starts moving, shaping, and growing. It holds answers to every question our forest five might have, as it is the land of knowledge. From inside, they can learn where rivers originate, what a baby butterfly looks like, how to measure length, why active listening is important, and many more amazing things. Their diverse talents, personalities, weaknesses, eagerly seek solutions, and even get it wrong. But in the end they finding out that most important mission is to be a good friend.

Director’s statement
As enthusiastic storytellers for children, we created The Forest Five in collaboration with experts in early childhood and preschool education .
We created a world of knowledge young viewers will be excited to enter. Instead of memorising facts from science, mathematics, and communication, children can learn via the stories of their favourite characters.
What makes this educational series so special?
We are bringing comprehensive approach, which not only teaches children how to explore and discover, but also urges them to think critically and solve seemingly conflictual problems in a noncombative manner using the communication skills taught.


Ivana Laučíková

Country of production


Target audience

4-6 years

Animation Technique


Production company

Fool Moon

Looking for

Sales agent / distributor, Broadcaster


CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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