Saima – Scenes from a Midlife Crisis

Saima - Scenes from a Midlife Crisis

Saima, a meticulous judge haunted by nightmares of a needy frog, finds her world of strict order derailed by her partner Ludvig's unexpected affair.

Saima, a meticulous judge, is in shock. When Ludvig, her partner, returns from Luxlandia, she discovers his affair. As she grapples with this betrayal, nightmares of a needy, menacing frog haunt Saima. At the same time, her estranged mother breaks her promises to visit her. Saima's new mentee struggles with her own romances. Saima tries to snap Ludvig out of his madness, but finds Ludvig abandoning her. A culmination happens during a chaotic wedding party. This ends with Saima crashing a stolen police car. Ludvig begins to doubt his decisions. A transformative psychedelic ritual brings deep personal revelations to light. As a result, Saima sends Ludvig to the Arctic to find himself. The apology from Saima's mother, who abandoned Saima as a child, inspires her. Saima accepts her unplanned pregnancy. While Ludvig comes to his senses, Saima finds new meaning in her baby. Still, she cannot overcome her fear of abandonment. She asks her little Manivald: You will never leave me, right?

Director’s statement
My partner had an affair. It was horrible. But in retrospect - also really interesting.

I was amazed at how such a painful and destructive experience can turn into something so positive and transformative. And how it forces you to look into dark corners of yourself that you would otherwise never look into.

Just like our main character Saima, I too had decided not to have children. Without this crisis, I would never have started to ask myself why I feel this way and where this conviction comes from. To find an answer, I had to look deep into my relationship with my mother.

Me and my partner Draško are writing this story together. It’s a personal journey and an exploration of the darkest sides of ourselves, perhaps a form of couples therapy.

To tell this story, we use anthropomorphic animals. I have been using this approach for ten years in my short films and I am now ready to explore this technique in a longer format.

Director and Scriptwriter
Chintis Lundgren

Country of production


Target audience


Animation technique


Production company

Adriatic Animation

Estimated budget

2 000 000 EUR

Funding secured

25 000 EUR - HAVC (Croatia), EFI, KULKA (Estonia)

Stage of the project

script development (existing treatment)

Looking for

Co-producer, distributor, broadcaster, international sales


CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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