An ode to the night and the things and ideas it births. Sometimes by design and sometimes purely by accident.

As the night falls upon a small town, its inhabitants softly drift away and shift into a different state of mind. Meanwhile, certain parts of them are only just awakening. It is cosy and comforting, but also mysterious and full of unknowns. The night is an architect, a gardener, and a court jester. It softens and deconstructs. The night is quiet, tucked away, but also wild and intense. For some, it is a chance to live out their fantasies, for others a time to simply disappear. Occasionally, the night is a wild card. Nonetheless, seemingly hidden processes are happening in full force. Despite resting, puzzle pieces are falling into place. The film is divided into smaller sequences. This format opens up the possibility of telling several short episodes and presenting different, inevitably related perspectives. The approach to the visuals would be in a similar vein – the director would explore different styles of artistic description and combine abstract with figurative elements.

Director’s statement
This project was initiated out of my desire to move away from classic linear storytelling focused solely on characters. While making my graduation film, I occasionally felt limited by the frames of the film I had set for myself. I also wanted to explore the animation of the space surrounding the characters, their interrelationships, and interactions. A part of the inspiration comes from having experienced a series of earthquakes in my city and the impression of a space moving as it comes to life, as well as from my work in scenography. The topic of the film is inspired by a period of insomnia, research into dreaming, and the fact that the night has proven to be the best time for creative work for me. Above all, I have found inspiration in the vast possibilities of visual storytelling that animation allows. I would greatly appreciate the valuable input and mentorship that this workshop could provide at this early stage of project development.

Director and Scriptwriter
Kata Gugić

Country of production


Target audience

adults, young adults

Animation Technique

2D vector based, hand drawn, 3D CGI

Production company


CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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