Student short


6 min.


My Granny Amphibian

Babka Žabka

To defeat mortality with a single croak.

The death of a beloved grandmother leaves an awful empty space in Adam's heart. After returning to her abandoned house, the little seven-year-old boy feels lonelier than ever. The confused child, lost in memories, wanders aimlessly through the garden. There, he discovers a little Frog who looks just like his late grandma. The boy takes the Frog with him and starts treating her like a human. With every shared memory the Frog grows bigger and bigger, suddenly the resemblance indistinguishable. But even imagination has it´s limits. After a day full of adventure the Frog without moisture starts to wither. The boy is left with no choice, but to carry her back to the pond in the yard. The body sinks below the surface, leaving Adam with nothing but his own reflection, the experience closing his wounds.

Director’s statement
With my diploma film, I wanted to create a simple story, that captures what it´s like to experience loss from the point of view of a child, who doesn´t yet understand the finality of death. My goal was to combine a fairytale, with my own childhood memories. Sometimes I think about the last moments I spent with people I lost and wonder, what would I say to them, what would I do, if I knew I won´t ever see them again? Instead of sadness filled nightmare I wanted to create this dreamscape like reality, where the child protagonist, experiences a wacky yet lovely last day with his beloved grandma.

Director, Producer and Scriptwriter
Viktória Zimmermannová

Country of production


Target audience

Children 8 - 16, both genders

Animation technique

Digital cut-out

Estimated budget

5 000 EUR

Funding secured

1 500 EUR - Academy of Performing Arts (Slovakia)

Stage of the project

development (existing script)

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