A young woman escapes from her future to a floating, cube-shaped flat in the sea where she finds a portal to an alternative universe full of surreal creatures.

A young woman is carried by bats in the clouds above the sea. She enjoys the ride a lot. When they begin the descent to the mainland the girl gets very scared. Suddenly a pleasant melody starts from a tiny, floating, cube-shaped flat. She escapes from landing and hides in the flat from her winged couriers. The melody coming from an old tam tam stool drives her to a hidden universe. In this world there are lots of different creatures working and enjoying themselves. There are dozens of attractions. Huge and tiny beings stand in line only to hug a chunk of stone in a tuxedo for hours. Others go crazy for putting out fires with small spoons of water and lose every time. There is a copy place where the printers are ready to print out new friends or enemies. The young woman has so much fun in the beginning but eventually finds out she can’t hide here forever. She becomes desperate as she doesn't know how to return. Luckily, a huge wisdom tooth and 100 grandmas are on their way to help her.

Director’s statement
My previous short was about the abandonment of the nest. The farewell is lawfully followed by a new beginning, a journey into the unknown, full of seemingly unpredictable challenges. This new life phase excites me a lot. Our protagonist finds this situation so scary she escapes from it. I plan to elaborate on the process of conquering fear when we need to start something new. The universe of Funfair is filled with many fantastic creatures and attractions as metaphors of different feelings and patterns. Sometimes it takes time to choose fight instead of flight when it’s needed. What lifts us up when we are in our deepest despair? What gives us power to go on and start something new? In Funfair the answer lies in the hats of 100 miniature grannies. I want to visualize a surreal alternative to a mental process with humor and sensitivity. For me, the development of the visual and scriptwriting processes help each other, they work back and forth and develop together.

Director and Scriptwriter
Éva Darabos

Country of production


Target audience


Animation Technique

2D hand drawn

Production company

SALTO Films Ltd.

CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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