Flying Katy

Leteča Katka

For Katy and her friend Justin, adventures are never far away and neither is her otherwise grumpy aunt Cluckrissa, who used to be a secret spy.

Katy (8) is a lively chick with a cheerful disposition and a limitless imagination, who lives with her grumpy old aunt Cluckarissa (60+), in a small apartment building in a Big city. In the apartment above them lives Katy's best friend Justin Beaver, who is lazy and wants to spend most of his time on his mobile phone. On the rooftop of the block, Katy and Justin have a secret base that the rest of the residents - other than Confucius (30+), the janitor - are unaware of. There, they hang out, plan their adventures, and follow the lives of their favourite role models by watching celebrity videos. A mundane world always becomes full of surreal adventures and absurd occurrences. And there is also the mystery of aunt Cluckarissa being a spy in the old days, where she was fighting with her arch enemy Turkey, who wants to take over the world through social media. Everyday might seem ordinary, but through their eyes, it’s nothing but.

Director’s statement
The series Flying Katy will utilise a 2D cut-out technique. The art style is fun, playful and vibrant, polished almost like a vector illustration, but with a touch of organic imperfection. At certain points, it might even come close to the anime style, especially during scenes with potential dramatic reactions. In places, the action will be subtly emphasised with visual effects simulating hand-drawings. The content itself, especially when it comes to highlighting character expressions, will lead to appropriate directing devices: twists, zooms, pans, or in certain cases slow motion or time-lapse techniques. Shot composition and editing will vary: long shots will be interrupted by dynamic and intense cuts when the action reaches its peak, then slide back into calmer, longer shots. Throughout the series, we will use atmospheric soundscapes for the city, and the music will serve to highlight certain actions or story beats.


Jernej Žmitek

Maja Zupanc

Country of production


Target audience

6-8 years

Animation technique

2D (vector based)

Production company


Estimated budget

EUR 1,431,200

Funding secured

EUR 23,850

Looking for



CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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