The film follows a group of kids who escape toxic reality of pear pressure and social media bullying, finding refuge in the world of lucid dreaming. But not everything is as it seems ...

Faced with abusive behavior six friends seek escape into a world hidden in a special corner of dreams, inhabited by fantastic, magical, and strange creatures, using the method of lucid dreaming. It soon turns out that their escape from reality has a price. Faced with a choice between a world in which they are fantastic heroes and a world in which they are exposed to bullying, the group of friends starts spending more and more time in Dreamworld. The more time they spend there, the harder it becomes for them to leave. Their memories of real life start to fade, as well as their interest in reality outside Dreamworld. Eventually, the group faces the great creature Morpheus, real ruler of Dreamworld. built on the memories and dreams of thousands of children in comas, trapped in Morpheus’s maze. They engage Morpheus in an epic battle, in the end releasing that the only way to defeat him is to accept themselves as they are, and discard their avatars and Dreamworld.

Director’s statement
The film focuses around the problem of cyberbullying, which is the modern version of a classic school bullying problem that was a big part of our lives growing up and going to school as serbian nationals in Croatia during the war. Today, both directors are fathers with little daughters, which again brings into focus this very real problem that can have devastating effects. We will capture the older audience with the films atmosphere, graphical quality, deep layered story and character definition. A story told through the eyes of kids, that talks about friendship and growing up in a world where you can so easily lose touch and be pushed into isolation. Its a story of finding your inner strength, forgiveness and friendship. We envision a film that has high artistic value, born from an expressive world of short animated films scene. It will be an atmospheric unique film with a lot of character and emotion.

Director and Producer

Milivoj Popović

Director and Producer

Veljko Popović


Country of production


Target audience

children 8-14

Animation Technique

combination of 2D and 3D

Production company

Prime Render Studios

Looking for


Creative Europe media programme

CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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