Student short


4 min.




A film about the loneliness and isolation of two people, the connection between them and the importance of human contact.

An astronaut is flying in open space when he notices a cord connecting him to something and he decides to follow it. Following the cord, he goes through crowds of people and faces and loudness, which overstumulates him and brings his desires for space and isolation. After exploring space and the loneliness that comes with isolation, losing the cord, hearing the uncomfortable silence, feeling the vastness of the cosmos, the astronaut decides to try finding the connection he has lost. He finds out the cord is connected to a sea diver, whose desires for the isolation are similar to the cosmos, but it’s the deep waters. The film brings out the parallels between the cosmos and the ocean, the vastness, the silence. The astronaut and the sea diver confide in each other, coming out of their shells, taking off their helmets only to each other. They later get separated, but the connection stays.

Director’s statement
I decided to make this film to explore the connection between people as a form of self isolation and the feeling of loneliness when you're surrounded by people. I used to think being on my own was all I needed and I didn’t need other people, because they’d make me feel unwanted, ignored, different. But recently I have been finding the special company of people like me, with whom I don’t feel these negative emotions. I want to translate these feelings of finding your own people onto screen and to show how you’re not alone, despite feeling like that, and if you think you’re good on your own, sometimes you’re not. The film explores the world in only black and white, bringing the duality and contrast of the lack of color.

Director, Producer and Scriptwriter
Yoana Plachkova

Country of production


Target audience

Film festival audiences

Animation technique


Production company

New Bulgarian University

Estimated budget

20 000 EUR

Funding secured


Stage of the project


Looking for

Co-producer, distributor, sound designer


CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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