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10 x 15’


Bug City

Bug City

Probably the worlds first Nordic Insect Noir!

In a world populated by humanoid insects, teenage fly Addie fights for the climate. Her first goal is to shut down the polluting Factory in the city, but against her, and the few ragtag climate activists she manages to muster, stands the powerful and climate-denying news anchor Dick Crick - Bug City’s most popular figure. Bug City is a satirical comedy with puppets, where we meet Addie and her motley gang of climate activists in and around the shoddy pub, Bobby’s Bar - a kind of headquarters for the increasingly desperate attempts to get the climate message out. In the face of everyday problems, personal vices, constant humiliation and fake news from Dick and the media, the campaigns of Addie and the activists escalate. At the same time, Addie longs for the loving attention her parents never gave her - a feeling she constantly tries to suppress, and which must not get in the way of the climate message.

Director’s statement
We are living in a time with frequent signs of drastic change. Democracy is constantly challenged, and conspiracy theories are nurtured in echo chambers, turning into a new religion for the masses. The climate is rapidly getting worse and leads to a rapid loss of different insects. This worries our main character, being a young housefly with most of her life in front of her. In her struggle to garner attention for the climate, she teams up with her absent father, which also brings the heart to our series. With a bit of dark humor, we want to bring attention to activism, ignorance, conspiracies, and abuse of power. But we also want to tell a story about the importance of close human/bug relations. This is the engine in our narrative and it plays out situations and conflicts we all can relate to. The universe is played out with a combination of hand-built sets and live-controlled puppets, with help from CGI and 2D-animation to bring life to the expressions. We want this universe to stand out as something unique, and at the same time be able to produce it more cost effectively than traditional stop motion. Bug City will be a fun series to watch, with a boundless sense of humor and up-to-date topics in a retro universe.

Country of production


Target audience

teenagers, young adults

Animation Technique

puppets, CGI, 2D

Production company

Klipp og Lim

CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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