A story about a successful self-sufficient loner technocrat who finds himself in an unexpected relationship with a robot.

Bruno lives on a small island in a private residence. His house is set in a rock. A single spiral road leads there. Bruno’s house is a techno–museum — a childhood dream come true. His schedule is tight and he always sticks to it. Bruno doesn't like pets, he's indifferent to sex - he's not interested in women. He owns a large fashionable furniture company. Cutting edge technologies of his time are his best friends. After a trivial event, Bruno purchases a robot housekeeper, and unexpectedly Bruno's life starts changing.

Director’s statement
STYLE: The idea, aesthetics, and main character of the film are based on the ideas of the famous mid-20th century Italian creator Carlo Mollino and his persona. Therefore, we need to keep the visual and audio style as close as possible to these ideas and the era of the 50s. The interiors, the furniture, and the appliances will be designed in this style. The inspiration to create this project came from the film “Harpya” by Belgian director Raoul Servais (1979), in which he also uses mixed animation techniques, collage, and stylized semi-realistic and minimalistic environment. TECHNIQUE: The film will be done in a mixed, collage technique. The film will retain a “retro” feel, reflecting the sense of the atmosphere of the 50s. To achieve this, we will use mostly "analog" techniques. The animation will combine several different techniques to create a stronger contrast.

Director and Scriptwriter
Danas Bereznickas
Composer and scriptwriter
Daniel Sinaisky

Country of production


Target audience

grown up

Animation Technique

cut-outs, pixilation, stop-motion, 2D


CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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