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5 cases of Sergeant Goodmind

5 případů Poručíka Dobrodrůža

Sergeant Goodmind overcomes every bizarre obstacle and every unexpected villain in five criminal cases, all in order to defend the good.

In five nimble stories, that are all connected, Sergeant Goodmind tries to fight for the right moral values. He is firmly convinced about the necessity of these values and therefore he doesn’t worry about all he has to endure in the protection of the principles which he believes in. Goodmind fights with an evil fiend in every chapter. Those evil adversaries that he meets have various forms (an egg, a bumble-bee, a snake and a football). He is trying to lead them off their evil path to the path of goodness. Through situations that are funny, full of action, touching and absurd, he is always successful in the end. The last, 5th chapter shows all the adversaries together and connects all the stories. They are not fiends anymore - they have become moral creatures, who want to show their gratitude to the Sergeant for remedying their malicious behavior and turning them to path of goodness. In the end, there is a symbolic closure of the whole story, when all the characters join forces with Sergeant to overcome evil.

Director’s statement
I like to express myself through narration that is not too serious or rigid. I try to look for a language that allows me to address serious topics in a simple manner. That’s why the main characters are kind of funny. I try to find a balance between exaggeration and awkwardness, for the movie not to be just naive, but also formative. My effort is to create a film which captivates the viewer and is a visual spectacle for them. I started creating the film 5 Cases of Sergeant Goodmind as my diploma work at UMPRUM in Prague, so now the film is in the late development phase. The animatic part is ready, art and animation tests are done and some of the stories are already animated. I’d love to hear a feedback regarding the movie and also to show my film to a wider audience thanks to CEE Animation Forum and, eventually, I would like to find partners to help me with completion the film with subsequent distribution and festival strategy.

Director and Scriptwriter
Filip Tatyrek

Country of production

Czech Republic

Target audience

children, adults

Animation Technique

2D vector based, hand drawn


CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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