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A young man, who was constantly verbally abused by his mother when he was a child - due to guilt and shame - is unable to function in relationships where the other party treats him as a human being.

The protagonist of the story is Tóni, a twenty-year-old theater ticket clerk. The boy has been verbally abused from an early age by his ex-pop singer mother, accusing him of causing her career to collapse and her husband to leave her because of the birth. By adulthood, Tónit buried the anger he feels towards his mother deep within himself and covers her with his own perceived guilt. Due to his sense of guilt, the boy is unable to have relationships where the other party treats him normally, so he often ends up with people who treat him awfully. This is until he finally meets a normal girl, with whom the boy's horrible memories with his mother come up. The girl makes him realize that Tóni's mother is a terrible person based on these facts. Tóni is offended and breaks up with the girl, but his deep dormant anger towards his mother flares up and this anger gradually tries to take control over him.

Director’s statement
As a filmmaker, I am primarily interested in the realization of psychological themes using animation techniques. The subject of my films are usually the visual projection of human emotions, using surrealist tools. I also dealt with this in my previous film 'Supper' and I would like to follow this path in the case of "Toxik" as well. The primary goal of the film is to examine the causes of toxic relationships through a specific example. The question raised by the film is what circumstances led to the protagonist always making illogical relationship decisions, and whether there is any hope of breaking the pattern. Dark humor plays a big role in the plot, because no matter how serious a topic is, it is important for me to use humor to make it more approachable and humane. Because the story is somewhat semi-autobiogrophical, I knew I needed professional help - not only to digest my own history, but also to write this film.


Gábor Osváth
Director and Producer
Dániel Bárány

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CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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