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Three Cups of Coffee

Trzy filiżanki kawy

A short, multilayered story about a woman who meets a man she once cared about. The past becomes tangible and only by going through it again can she prevent it from stopping her to live on.

A woman drives into a city where she used to live, to meet a man she once cared about. Their meeting takes place in a coffee shop, where they have met many times before. The woman realizes that the man is still not indifferent to her. Seemingly trivial elements and gestures bring back memories. In the man's yellow socks, she suddenly sees all the different socks he once used to wear. The common gesture of him rolling up his sleeves multiplies in front of her eyes, as if the past was there together with the present. Their conversation briefly tells the story of their relationship. It turns out that they deviated from each other over time. When he reached out to her, she ran away. And when she finally decided to return the gesture - he was already in a different stage of his life. As they talk, she realizes that "their time" is over and that it is impossible to regain the intimacy and connection they once had. Only by accepting this, can she feel unblocked and free. And finally, she can move on.

Director’s statement
The idea for the project appeared in my head when I had an opportunity to visit Vienna ten years after I had been living there for a year as a Socrates-Erasmus student. When I was walking the streets of Austria's capital the picture of the town as I remembered it (the one I had in my head) was constantly juxtaposed with the one I saw (the one that was physically in front of my eyes). It made me reflect on the way that I remember the past and what kind of influence it has on the way I see the present. I thought that it would be wonderful to be able to transfer this way of looking at things into an animated film. This film is my attempt to try to present both the past and present in the same picture.

Director and Scriptwriter
Natalia Krawczuk

Country of production


Target audience


Animation technique

stop motion, cut-out, painting on glass

Production company

LeLe Crossmedia Production

Estimated budget


Funding secured

TOTAL BUDGET ESTIMATE 238 559.00 PLN - 56 500 EUR - 100.00% LELE Crossmedia production financial contribution 19 700.00 PLN – 4 666,9 EUR - 8.26%Secured Producer's in-kind contribution 53 450,00 PLN – 12 661, 65 EUR – 22,41 % Secured TOTAL contribution of producer 73 150,00 PLN-17322.89 EUR 30,66% Secured Polish Film Institution grant 165 409.00 PLN – 39177.1 EUR 69.34% Secured TOTAL CONTRIBUTIONS 238 559.00 PLN – 56 500 EUR 100.00% Secured


CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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