The Nut Cake


Mamma Squirrel picks nuts for her son’s birthday cake, but he doesn’t know that and eats them all with his friend. Moreover, he lies that it’s the fox who did it.

Two friends – squirrel Tricky and raven Cherry – yield to temptation and eats all the nuts that mamma Squirrel has picked thoroughly to make Tricky’s favourite birthday cake. When the mom sees what has happened, squirrel and raven lie that it’s the fox who took the nuts. 
In the evening squirrel’s birthday party is being held, but, obviously, there is no nut cake that was supposed to cheer every forefinger. It’s a delicious tale about the first lessons, two friends and, of course, a cake.

Director’s statement
The “Nut Cake” is an adaptation of a book that I discovered at “Vilnius Book Fair” together with my three-year-old son. It instantly captivated us both with its story and illustrations. As a director, I knew it should become an animated series for kids. Especially, here in Lithuania, where the video content for children is scarce. 
For me, it was important to look to the inner world of the character, especially knowing the fact that the series will be watched by young kids, who are experiencing the same situations as the characters of the film. At the age of 3–6 years, children try their first lies – that’s how they get to understand and know the rules of the world, as well as they try to set boundaries and give freedom to their imagination. As the book (and the other two books from the same series) has been successful here in Lithuania as well as translated in other countries I believe this could become a great starting point in creating animated series for kids.


Meinardas Valkevičius

Akvilė Bliujūtė - Janušė

Country of production


Target audience

children 3-6

Animation Technique


Production company

Meinart JSC

Looking for

sales agents, festivals


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