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The Bus to Amerika

The Bus to Amerika

Safran is a Kurdish Yazidi boy full of enthusiasm and imagination living in a refugee camp in Turkey. He wants to become a pop star in America. But first he will go on a quest for wisdom in the small town next to the camp.

Sefran, an 8-year-old Kurdish Yazidi, lives in a refugee camp in Turkey. He is sensitive, sweet and creative. He and his community fled their home when they learned that ISIS was preparing to attack. Sefran likes to watch the local bus which he calls "the bus to America” pass by the camp. He dreams of getting on that bus, which will take him to America, where he will become a pop star. But one day, a boy who has his eye on Sefran's girlfriend takes advantage of a culinary mistake he makes and accuses him of eating the vegetable forbidden by their religion, hoping to get the upper hand. Sefran's dreams turn to nightmares. Convinced that he must leave the camp to save his loved ones from the consequences of his mistake, he flees. His journey takes him to the city, where his encounters make him realize it's better to face problems than to run away from them, and family and friends are more important than superstition. By the time he returns, he is already a little pop star in his own way.

Director’s statement
THE BUS TO AMERIKA is a heartwarming, playful, sweet and uplifting drama with the potential to remind both children and adults the value of family, the importance of truthfulness, courage and hope, as well as to introduce them to another culture and to familiarize them with the feeling of losing one's homeland - which, unfortunately, masses of people are experiencing once again due to the current ongoing wars. It is a fictional story inspired by my experience of working with Kurdish Yazidi children in refugee camps in Turkey. During my work, I learned that it is a sin for Yazidis to eat lettuce. I was deeply moved by one boy's efforts to reassure me that it was okay for me to eat it; because it was his faith, not mine. With THE BUS TO AMERIKA, I want to reach everyone of all ages who has their own version of a dream, who has ever cheated a little for something too tasty, who has ever made a sacrifice for their loved ones and had the courage to face the consequences of their mistakes.


Derya Durmaz


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2D, 3D

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Co-producer, Sales agent / distributor


CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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