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Rosie and Sapphire

Rozi és Zafír

Helped by Sapphire, the wise blue horse, Rosie, the 5 years old curious little girl learns to be kind and empathic towards others in everyday situations with a touch of magical events.

Rosie is a young girl living with her horse Sapphire on a big field full of pink grass. One day, she gets an invitation from her penfriend, Fannar who lives far away in the land of snow. Rosie and Sapphire decide to visit him and to bring something typical from their home: pink grass in a pot. After a long, colorful journey they arrive at Fannar’s place. Fannar welcomes them kindly, immediately putting soft scarfs on their neck, offering warm lined boots, and a cup of hot tea. He is very happy about the pot of pink grass. They are having a great time while playing in the snow, but at one point Rosie and Sapphire have to go home. When saying goodbye Fannar gives them a beautiful snowball as a souvenir.When Rosie and Sapphire arrive home, they see that the pink grass field is gone because of the drought. Rosie still has Fannar’s present, and with the help of the water drops coming from the snowball, she can magically give new life to the plants, and a field is full of pink grass again.

Director’s statement
Pink Grass is the pilot episode of a series, in which Rosie and Sapphire will be the main characters. Each of the independent episodes is about important emotions such as kindness, empathy, fear, courage, connecting with others. Rosie is a curious, little bit giddy girl, but Sapphire, the horse, always helps her with his wisdom. Since children can understand the world through symbolic stories, there are magical elements in every story, there is a loose connection with myths and fairy tales. Besides the topics of friendship and how to deal with different feelings, I also want to talk about the environment as children discover something interesting every day around them. Therefore, it is important to present natural phenomena in a playful way. Most importantly I want to talk about kindness and empathy through memorable, funny fairy tales.


Kata Lovrity

Bálint Gelley

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preschool children

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CUB Animation

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CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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