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Pop Up Skovoroda

Miestui Kožnam...

A young chorister Hryhory Skovoroda obsessed with finding the perfect rhymes. He spends nights with his vagrant muse Cat, while shoehorning in the personality of the unheralded rap trail-blazer.

One gifted student, young chorister Hryhory Skovoroda, with «artistic suffering» searches for perfect rhymes to his new Xth hymn. Win in a choir contest promises him all the creature comforts. Hryhory and his comrades go to the Choral School Challenge. On the way, Hrihory saves the Cat from the drowning's fate and takes it as a pet. At first, Hryhory thinks that the most important thing for him is winning. But the truth is that you have to provide your mission; a vocation gives you true freedom, "weaving a crown of joy for its creator." With a help from the Cat, a vagrant philosopher and poet, Hryhory receives a revelation. After then Skovoroda explicitly declares his intention to become a famous sage, prizes night-time inspiration for his work, and spends nights with his best friend Cat for rap poetry writing. Finally, he chooses a free life and gives to the world the ideas of humanism and of symbolism with the newfound gospel rhymes.

Director’s statement
We invented a philosophical music tale in animation, the story of how young Hryhory Skovoroda gradually becomes a poet, and the world famous thinker has not yet been. This is our apocryphal point of view about how the process of creation works. And it is quite in the spirit of the late Eastern European Baroque, with its mysticism, symbolism, divinity and esoteric understanding of reality. The plot built on key symbols: the road, the journey, the Garden of Eden, talking animals, the choir, the main character's scroll. The Skovoroda's texts are woven into the plot as rap poetry, a musical form of vocal transmission, a combination of “rhyme, rhythmic speech and street jargon”. In our opinion, exactly this form expresses the poetry writing process, immersion in the magical world of rhythm. We decided to combine 2D, cut-out, marionette and a computer. We believe that this genre is close to viewers over the age of 12 who are entering a period of meaningful self-knowledge and adolescence.


Julie Titowa
Director and Producer

Olga Titova

Country of production


Target audience

12+, big kids

Animation Technique

Drawing, stop-motion, cut-out

Production company

Kapi animation LT

Looking for

Co-producer, Sales agent / distributor, Broadcaster


CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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