Plastic Aches

Plastic Aches

Two petro-deri-humans enjoy leisure after the AI freed them from repetitive work, when an unexpected earthling enter their Martian gardens to alter their perfect lives.

In times when AI freed people from repetitive jobs. And in the resulting context of the consumption of the Earth and its resources, our petro deri-humans have enough free time to harvest the fruits of their imagination on Mars - a cosmic region that, in this narration, does not function as a planet - but as a conceptual container of the dead end that represents the passage of human civilization on Earth. In this liminal place, this dead-lock personified by an inhospitable landscape, cold and desolate as a digital interface; our petro-derived characters seek to harvest the most valuable treasures of their post-human creativity. But their life will be altered by the unexpected visit of an earthling, who will cross the Martian gardens with an indecipherable buzz. Will the two post-human protagonists be able to unravel the meaning of this buzzing sound, which will soon become annoying and finally prove to be indispensable?

Director’s statement
Plastic Aches is an animated film that deals with the topic of the contemporary ecological catastrophe and the recent boom of artificial intelligence engines in the creative fields.
I depart from physical sculptures made out of plastic and transform them into 3D models through 3D scans. Which are uploaded to an auto-rigging platform to automate their movements.
AI is sold to us as an utopian dream to disguise the corporations actual aim: try to commodify every single aspect of our lives, continuing a legacy of extractivism that now extracts directly from our minds and emotions. Plastic itself has a similar origin as it was born as an utopic material praised by its versatility.
For the writing, me and Eloi Rodríguez intend to use GPT chat in a critical way, to highlight the gender, social and political biases that underlie it; as we combine its generated texts with our own ideas and the topics we consider urgent to touch.

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Animation Technique

3D (CGI), Other

Production company

LeLe Crossmedia Production

CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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