TV series


9x5 min.


Once a Nice Little Lamb

Viena Gera Aviuke

Happy friends are all alike; every unhappy friend is unhappy in its own way. A poetic lamb SNEERY is annoyed by her bestie SHEEPPY with arithmomania. But counting the stars — that’s what can unite!

The stories about two little lambs, the poetic SNEERY and the counting-obsessed SHEEPPY, are set in an alpine valley near a mountain village; in a flock of little sheep, in their childhood days, when the sky was blue and the stars shone brightly - just like on the slides of the Agfacolor and home movies era. The action takes place mostly in the countryside, far from the urban noise and city lights, so the old radio receiver found in a disused corner becomes a real window to the world, full of glaring flavor, for two besties-lamb. Now the colors are a little faded, but the vivid events are carried to the audience by SNEERY’s voice, who grew up and became the star of a provincial radio show. Her intro to each episode is moderate toned, aniline-tinted in highlights, just like retouched photo prints. Magic voice from the radio revives the spirit of forgotten days, meeting demand for a miracle. The conflict is based on the contrast of two main characters. Zen for kids.

Director’s statement
Lamb as the biblical symbol are known for their attachment to their own group and for the stress in solitude. You needn't emotion in a selfish world, it works only when shared with someone. Little lamb is happy near her bestie. The story’s ethic based on forgiveness and repentance, without preaching, with delicate humor.
The structural principle based on the mise en abyme of the tale. These are bedtime stories read by a radio hostess, a little nice lamb. This dramaturgy collision contains the engine.
We have created real woolen characters; they wear their fleeces like children's overalls. We chose the regenerative wool because it is important for us to be sustainable.
For our pseudo-pastoral history, we have chosen a restricted color palette. The images shot complemented by some expressive tones, in the old photos style hand-colored with aniline tints. This conveys the tragicomic state of the heroes well. The stories expressed using a bright scale, so-called "the Agfacolor style".


Julia Titowa

Olga Titova

Target audience

preschool K2-5

Animation Technique


Production company

Kapi animation LT

Looking for

Co-producer, Broadcaster


CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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