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Ninja Cats

Ninja Cats

A master and his disciples join forces to thwart the plans of an ambitious city leader who threatens to create eternal daylight to preserve the natural night and ancient way of life.

In the World of Cats, where ancient traditions and symbiosis with nature define everyday life, there exists a secluded village, and one of its masters is O-Hashi. This peaceful community leads a simple yet fulfilling life, strictly preserving its traditions, where severe rule-breaking results in exile. However, the shadow of the Neon City is slowly reaching this village as well. Panko and Shincha, O-Hashi’s most loyal disciples, rescue a young cat named Mochi from strays. Mochi, who fled the city, hides from a warrant after attempting to sabotage the latest plan of the city’s leader, Kami, promising the eradication of the night. Finally reaching the city, they face Kami’s grand plan: a massive glowing sphere that would eliminate the night. The story reveals the shared past of Kami and O-Hashi and how their conflict shaped the current situation. At the climax of the plot, O-Hashi and Kami, old friends, clash while the others try to stop the artificial Sun.

Director’s statement
In recent years, human impact on the environment prompts irreversible trajectories. ‘Ninja Cats’ highlights these dangers, proposing timeless solutions. What kind of cat fears in the dark? The story envisions a cat society facing tyranny from a negative antagonist. Only a few challenge societal decay, with O-Hashi leading the confrontation. The narrative contrasts values, weaving action with humor, encouraging inner harmony. Addressing flaws, the film urges reconnecting with nature’s laws to avert extinction.
Ionart Studio seeks Producer, co-production and finacial partner for ‘Ninja Cats,’ aiming for a 2027 premiere. The film resonates globally, bridging Eastern philosophies with climate change, social inequities, and vulnerability. Action is imperative for a sustainable future.

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CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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