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26 x 5:30


My name is…

My name is...

An animated series for preschool children on how to deal with emotions.

It’s not easy for Fear or for Shame when everyone avoids them or finds them embarrassing! That’s why they stand in front of the camera to show how helpful they can be. Cute funny monsters want to present themselves in front of the camera from their best side. There is just one big problem - the emotions overemphasize sometimes and that gets them into trouble. But luckily, at the end of each episode, they learn to calm down with the help of some useful self-regulation exercises. And they manage to show that they are actually very, very useful. Maybe even a kind of a superpower?! One more thing: emotions want to be very pedagogical. BUT they are not professional filmmakers, so the short episodes are full of humour and adventures!

Director’s statement
We all have emotions. Emotions are good, normal and useful. They tell us about our needs, give us energy to act or help us to withdraw ourselves when necessary. You just need to learn to listen to them and cope with them. Why is it important for both children and adults to understand and recognise their emotions? Recognising your emotions and learning to manage them is one of the most important developmental steps. Emotions are necessary for us to behave rationally. Scientists show that it is thanks to them that we can choose and act more wisely. Emotional intelligence, or the ability to recognise and name both our own emotions and those felt by others, is considered so important that it is taught in schools and at companies. Our actions often stem from the emotions we experience. By understanding emotions we can more consciously guide our actions. “To be able to talk about our emotions, we must learn to recognise them. Otherwise they will lead us around by the nose. We should never be ashamed of them or laugh at them because they are part of our personality and intelligence.” Catherine Dolto

Country of production


Target audience

children 4-6

Animation Technique

3D, CGI, Collage

Production company

Blaue Pampelmuse

CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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