Mrs. Monster

Gospa pošast

What is perceived as monsters can be someone’s friends.

MAB (22) lives in a magical world with the BLACK WOLF and monstrous creatures. Her life, filled with drawing and creating, changes when NEOPHRON arrives, introducing color to her black-and-white existence. Despite the Wolf's suspicion and aggression towards the newcomer, Mab invites him to stay. Her efforts to impress him lead to transforming their surroundings from forest into a city. However, Mab stops her transformations, leading to a confrontation where she locks her Black Wolf in a jar, influenced by Neophron’s manipulative words. Exploring her creation, she discovers one of her monsters killed by the turquoise color Neophron brought, realizing his deceit. She frees the Wolf, and together, they confront the newcomer, revealing a turquoise vortex beneath his mask. Despite their efforts, Neophron escapes. Mab destroys the city and, with the Wolf, becomes a new, powerful being, bringing life to the empty world around her.

Director’s statement
What happens when someone wants to prove to you that life is not a fairytale? "Mrs. Monster" is a personal story about growing up through abusive relationships. This story doesn't focus on the abuser—it's about the transformation of a young, brave woman into an invisible victim. It's about her war with darkness, facing humiliation, gaslighting, lies, and loneliness. The Black Wolf represents the male part of Mab, with whom she is no longer in harmony as before. Mab and her Black Wolf must change their connection for the better to become unified. Hurtful experiences can help us grow, but can they make us better? In the story, I show that it's her fault, but at the same time, everything is in her hands; she just needs to learn how to take responsibility. This story is a form of self-therapy, through which I want to understand if one day I would be thankful for such life experiences.

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Young adults

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CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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