TV series


23x5 min


Labra Cadabra

Labra Kadabra

When, one day, Professor brings Mouse to his laboratory, Mouse imagines himself a lucky. But when, by chance, Mouse can survive tests and becomes immortal - Professor falls in love with pet.

One night, Mouse escapes the cage and appears on a bookshelf with Professor's collection of old vinyls. Next morning, Professor takes him by surprise. Being in a hurry, Mouse smashes one of the rare records. And, coincidentally, this was Professor’s favorite record. It’s usually quiet inside the lab. Or rustles are heard. Or soft music playing. Because Nutty Professor loves to work to this tune. His tools like dance to this tune. And one brave little lab Mouse can whistle this tune! Mouse didn't panic and started playing jazz himself instead of a record. Professor joined him, they started play jazz together. Some parts of the movie are actually made, secretly, by Mouse himself like a vlog. Sure, nowadays pretty much anyone can easily make a video, and put it online. Except the test mice. But one brave Mouse does. At times the action is set like Mouse’s vlog. This is a comic way to present the villain and his victim story, from a surprising "love story" point.

Director’s statement
These tv-series based on the idea to create a funny sci-fi project for kids, more cartoon than science, a surprise take on how to befriend lab mice. We created the main character, a charming laboratory Mouse. Pink nose, white fur, paws like human hands. Contrasted to his opponent, the nutty Professor, a fanatic of crazy ideas. Our idea of filming is to decompose good and evil into two components, embodied through two central characters. The structural key of the format - the action is set like lab Mouse's vlog. The shooting concept is the so-called idea of "make a movie in a movie". Our characters record all events because of the scientific needs, just a routine job - at the same time they create a genre movie. We want to use the entourage of documentary in a humorous aspect. Only facial expressions, comic sounds, no dialogues. Sustainable it’s a new buzzword in a cinema industry. We use regenerative wool and old woolen things in the puppet making. We believe that our merch concept win


Julia Titowa
Director and Producer

Olga Titova

Target audience

kids, 6+

Animation Technique

3D, stop-motion

Production company

Kapi animation LT

Looking for

Co-producer, Sales agent / distributor, Broadcaster


CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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