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Labra Cadabra, Klaipeda Jazz

Labra Kadabra, Klaipėdos Džiazas

Brave little lab Mouse lives in the Professor's cabinet and is able to survive the experiments. Nutty Professor is ecstatic to have him as a test pet.

One night, Mouse escapes the cage and appears on a bookshelf with Professor's collection of old vinyls. Next morning, Professor takes him by surprise. Being in a hurry, Mouse smashes one of the rare records. This is a perfect day to carry out a new experiment! What about the old copy broken? Professor likes to work to this tune plays for him… Mouse wasn't panicked and started playing a jazz beat himself. Professor is caught up in this rhythm too. In the end, they’re playing jazz together. Some parts of movie are actually made, secretly, by Mouse himself like a vlog. Sure, nowadays pretty much anyone to easily make a video, and put it online. Except the test mice. But one brave Mouse do.

Director’s statement
Some parts of a movie are actually made by Mouse himself, when the live camera turns on. At the same time, he creates a genre movie. The comedy method is: we'd like sometimes the hero speaks to the viewer's directly, breaking fourth wall, when you're not expecting it. Only facial expressions, with sounds, with original music, no dialogues. We want to use the entourage of documentary in a humorous aspect. We created the main character, a cute lab Mouse from felting. Pink nose, white fur, paws like human hands. We chose the wool as a material, because we need a warm touching hero, a real one.


Olga Titova


Julia Titowa


Ilona Stankevičienė


Country of production


Target audience

children 7–11

Animation technique

puppet stop-motion

Production company

Esi dovana, MB

Looking for

co-producer, distributer


CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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