In Her Face

Pelo na Venta

The 19th-century portrait of my great-grandmother, a woman with facial hair, disappeared from the wall of my grandparents’ house.

In the hallway of my grandparents’ house, there was a portrait that always intrigued me. One day, it was gone.
It was my great-grandmother, who had a beard and a moustache at a time when this was considered a sign of strength, power and even sensuality by the opposite sex.
It was that empty space on the wall that made me try to figure out who the culprit of such disappearance would be. Among globally known bearded men and figures with no hair up their nostrils, I ended up figuring out that the one responsible was right under my nose.

Director’s statement
I have been working as an independent animator since 2013 and during this time I tried to explore and develop projects with different themes and techniques. 
With In Her Face I have a special connection because it starts with a portrait that belongs to my family. As the portrait was hidden some years ago, most of my relatives do not know anything about the lady featured. It just so happens that without this lady we would not have had one of the things that links us all - my grandmother’s house.
At the same time, this project will give me the opportunity to combine some of the animation techniques I’ve been perfecting through my previous films and new ones that I’m looking forward to explore such as wool puppets and stop motion.
The project aims to explore the relations between gender, power, family and also to reflect over the changes in the female role throughout history.


Margarida Madeira

Ana Paula Catarino

Country of production


Target audience


Animation Technique

Traditional, stop-motion

Production company

BRO Cinema

Co-production company

Les Valseurs - France

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