Alba and her best friend, Pili, sneak onto the roof of a neighborhood building. In this isolated and special place, Alba embarks on a dreamlike journey that will change her completely: something that she will only understand thanks to friendship.

Alba is a teenager who lives with her parents and her three younger siblings in the working-class neighborhood of La Verneda, in Barcelona. One Saturday morning, as usual, Alba meets Pili, her close friend and neighbour, who encourages her to sneak onto the entry-restricted roof of Pili’s building. Up there, the two girls discover a very special place in which they feel totally free, thus turning it into their secret shelter. In a moment of calm, Alba falls asleep and embarks on a magical journey driving her to distant planets, floating in a cosmic environment full of fantastic elements. Throughout this mysterious experience, Alba will solve some existential doubts and she will also face her darkest and deeper feelings. Once she awakens from the dream, Alba will feel that something important has changed inside of ther, and her friend Pili will help her discover what it is.

Director’s statement
This project was born from the willingness inside all human beings to get answers. To convey that, IBIS selects that key period in life in which existential doubts arise and inner anxieties are also magnified: that is, adolescence. In the short film, the two protagonists, Alba and Pili, live a mysterious experience that encourages them to formulate several questions: a few of them find an answer; others remain open for the viewers to draw their own conclusions. Behind a dual narrative which is, firstly, intimate and familiar; and, secondly, surreal and obscure, the story of IBIS challenges the viewer by turning him into a witness of the main character's revealing experience. On the other hand, IBIS also wants to talk about friendship and its essential role as the catalyst vector that helps Alba to achieve her long-awaited relief. Friendship and also self-love are conveyed as the only forces capable of decoding the messages within us that we are not able to understand.

Director and Producer

Maria Burgués

Enric Sant

Country of production


Target audience

young adults

Animation Technique

3D and 2D

Production company


Looking for

co-producer, financing, sales agents, festivals, distributors, buyers


CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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