Grizzlebetter, the crown prince of the last kingdom of the stone people becomes friends with their enemies from the Green World. After various adventures they overcome their differences and begin co-existing in peace in harmony.

The trocks from the last remaining stone people's kingdom on Earth Volcania are in constant battle with the plants and the animals of the Green World. Volcania's crown Prince Grizzlebetter is misunderstood and rejected by his own family and his people for becoming friends with the enemy. The shaman Toramat is determined to make Volcania great again and get rid of the Green World "polluting" their kingdom. His sick ambitions cause destruction and riot with terrible consequences. With the help of the Green World and the humble dum-dullies a long-lost secret is revealed, causing both worlds to end their fight and agree that the best solution is to live in harmony. The balance is restored and Grizzlebetter becomes the key to peaceful and mutual acquaintance and useful coexistence of stone people, plants and animals. Only Toramat remains skeptical of the future of this idyll.

Director’s statement
In their efforts to follow their ancestors' testament strictly, the stone people trocks lose grip with reality. Instead of protecting their kingdom they trigger a volcano eruption and burn the library in a desperate attempt to fulfill their ancestors' will, achieving the exact opposite. The most important covenant of the past- to live peacefully and in harmony with nature, loses its value. Traditions carry a purpose and meaning and should be understood and respected, not followed blindly. What is happening to our environment now is quite similar- we forget bigger issues and focus on mundane, trivial things as friends become enemies in search for power and personal gain. The challenges the trocks face will hopefully resonate with the audience's own struggles. The screenplay has storylines that will appeal to a more mature audience as well. The protagonist's adventures are extravagant and pose existential questions. The goal is for the audience to recognize these problems in the present.


Bronislav Likomanov


Tania Assova


Country of production


Target audience

children 8-13

Animation Technique


Production company

Zographic Films Ltd.

Looking for

co-producer, financing, pre-sale, investors


CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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