After spending a long time in solitude, an adolescent unwillingly transforms into a wild animal.

Andrej (14) lives in the countryside with his Father (45), who works constantly and returns home late in the evening. Andrej is afraid to leave the house. He spends his days at home in solitude. Slowly, fur begins to spread across his body, which Andrej tries to cut off. He is transforming into a wolf. In the short amount of time his father spends at home, his father tries to make contact with his son, but the son avoids him. Andrej speaks less and less and spirals into animal behaviour. One night, Andrej is starving and goes to a nearby gas station, where he steals food and scares an employee. The news reaches the hunters. Andrej, now a wolf, is frightened by their gunshots. He escapes from home and runs into the woods.

Director’s statement
'Fur' is based on my humble childhood which I spent in solitude in my room. Around my home was a beautiful countryside but as a young introverted child, I preferred to stay inside. There, I felt more comfortable and safer. As I grew up, I eventually had to leave the room. But once I left the room I was not the same person as I was when I entered it. This transition is what the film focuses on. It observes the consequences of isolation on a young boy's mind and behaviour. I aim for the quality of a fable. An observation and a comparison of animal and human qualities and applying it to an abstract theme of isolation. Done in such a way that it feels like a cautionary tale you’ve been reading as a child. The film is a retrospection of my adolescence, and a clear statement, if not a warning: "Go outside, because inside you'll see yourself become a wolf."

Director and Scriptwriter
Miha Reja

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CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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