Fruit Adventures

Fruit Adventures

An interactive AR story following the adventures of a music band of cheerful fruits looking for the big smoothie festival through the London underground network.

With the Fruit Adventures AR app on your phone, you are invited to hop on an adventure in the underground of London. Visiting different stations, the app encouraged you to scan the famous underground logo, unlocking new chunks of the story. Each time you scan a logo, a new 3D AR world pops up right in front of your eyes. On your first scan you are introduced to the main characters; a band of cute little fruits, each playing their instrument and having their own personality. They are hanging out at their local fruit shop jamming away. By fate they discover a mysterious music festival called “Smoothie”, which they decide they can’t miss. As they swiftly embark on their adventure into the big city, it’s your job to keep these little fruits safe. Helping them overcome the obstacles and puzzles on their way you are engaged to interact with the AR worlds to get them to their gig. Stations can be visited in any order you like, which in turn determines the way how they got to the festival.

Director’s statement
Klaas and David have been working as directors on diverse projects from 3D animated short to online characters, advertising or VR content. Klaas is oriented toward animation and characters while David on his side is more a mix of storytelling and technical knowledge. This project is pushed by their desire to convey stories, make commuters smile as they travel across London and make them discover the city. The character driven root of the project offers a wide range of comics while building great connection with the audience. The viewers will be part of the action through helping the characters to overcome the difficulties on the way. The use of the device capacities with microphone, orientation as well as touch screen will be part of the experience. Finally the whole experience is non-linear, each tube station will offer a specific set of action, interactivity and will affect the larger story. Depending on the travel the audience takes they will discover a different path.


Klaas-Harm de Boer


Vincent Lindenboom


David Calvet


Country of production


Target audience

all audiences

Animation technique

3D (CGI)

Production company

Next Empire

Looking for

co-producer, financing, sales agent, distributor


CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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