Finding Home

Finding Home

When the musk-ox calf Musky is stolen away from home, he is forced out on a dangerous journey, teaching him about his inner strength and that home is where the heart is.

Musk calf Musky lives a comfortable life in the beautiful landscapes of Greenland. Unlike other calves, Musky is not obsessing about being the strongest, or becoming the leader of the herd one day. He is more concerned with watching a leaf in the wind, or a bumblebee dancing across a field of flowers. Life is good as long as he has his parents and the flock. One night, everything changes. In a horrific chaos of noise and violence, the youngsters are stolen away, and sent to the mountains in Norway. Musky wakes up all alone in the new country, and desperately sets out on a journey to find his way home. During his journey, Musky will change from being the observer, to the one who acts. From the one without friends to being the best friend one can have. From follower to natural leader. Through dramatic events, love, humour, and action he will find out that he has no parents, and he will never get back to Greenland. But Musky also realises that home is where heart and friendships’ li


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