Face Recognition


Face Recognition failure - Deadbeat Igor-503 evades the cops detectors during a night of wild drinking.

In the city, surveillance cameras are watching everything. Detecting our every move. A man, Igor is spotted jaywalking at a red light. ALERT! A camera identifies him. The police rush out.
Interior bar, Igor orders his first beer. Shortly after, a police squadron pulls up in front of the bar. Igor already drunk; on his 5th round - his face begins to morph into a gorilla's. The police storm the bar. Their face detectors fail to find the target. Gorilla-Igor invites the squad over for a drink. Sour and defeated, the police consider and give in – drowning their sorrows in the bottle. Three hours pass. All merry and drunk, the squadrons faces’ mutate to an elephant, a pig, a bear and a badger. A wild drinking bender montage ensues.
Morning, they all awake to discover that they are all trapped in a zoo cage with human faces again. Suddenly, the cage swings open. A zookeeper slides a crate of beer in. From then on, they live to be a constantly wasted pack of animals
entertaining the zoo visitors.

Director’s statement
Face Recognition is a satirical look at the technology which dramatically alters our society, making everything private public. The biggest tech companies are now developing their own facial recognition solutions. In a number of Chinese cities, crossing at a red light or taking too much toilet paper in a public WC could lead to a fine being sent straight to your home.
Although the idea of the film is critical, it treats the topic in a playful and absurd manner. A social observation of sorts. In the film, people's faces mutate to animals’ when they are drunk. Some to pigs, some to badgers, etc. – depending on their nature. 
The forces have to find a solution to avoid becoming the victim of their own weapon.

Director and Producer

Martinus Klemet

Country of production


Target audience

Young adults and adults

Animation technique


Production company


Estimated budget

EUR 24,000

Funding secured

Estonian Film Institute (EUR 5,000), Cultural Endowment of Estonia (EUR 19,000).

Looking for

Sales agent, distributor, world premiere


CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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