TV series


26 x 10′


Endover Groove

Johann, Sebastiana & Bach

Teenage musicians, from a village at the end of the world, must face off against a corporate giant in a series of epic ROCK'n'ROLL skirmishes, after school of course.

Fandango (a turtle-scientist) is a creator of unusual instruments capable of arousing a crowd’s emotions. Years ago he collaborated with Kakofon (an innocent looking rabbit). When it turned out that Kakofon uses inventions produced by the turtle to capture the minds of listeners - Fandango took his instruments and hid in Endover at the end of the narrowest county road where he felt safe, but then a group of teenagers (Johann the fly, Sebastian the cow and Bach the dog) discovered Fandango's unusual instruments and use them at a school talent contest. Unaware of the power of the guitars produced by Fandango, the friends cause a local tornado. It is seen all over the news, but none of the journalists connect it to the concert except ... Kakofon! The rabbit effortlessly locates the inventor's hideout and will do anything to retrieve the extraordinary instruments. Turtle and the giddy trio must defend the entire world from Kakofon's clutches. It's going to happen - it's time to rock and roll.

Director’s statement
Endover Groove is an adventure comedy with elements of mystery. We are aiming at a tough target, so clever dialogues with lots of humor are the key. Our protagonists are kids at a dramatic transformational moment. It’s the time of their first disappointments with adults and their world. That is the moment when a rebellious spirit starts to speak out. Music becomes a way to communicate with others. We want to show that defining moment and their dedication to pursue their hobby. However, there is so much more for them. And the same urge leads our characters to action. Kids believe that they can change the world and in our show they have the fortune to actually change theirs. Nevertheless, they are not taken seriously, slightly ignored by adults, who always know better. We believe that children should be treated with more respect for their passions. Even if we know that they will not finally save this planet. The power that comes from these kids’ dreams can be a fuel for their adult actions some decades later.

Director and Scriptwriter
Łukasz Kacprowicz

Country of production


Target audience

children aged 9-11

Animation technique

2D vector based

Production company

GS Animation

Estimated budget

1,65 mil EUR

Funding secured

Draft preliminary finance plan for production: 40% planned financial support from the Polish Film Institute - TBC 30% Cash Rebate from Polish Film Institute - TBC 8% own investment of Grupa Smacznego - confirmed 5% planned share of co-producer - TBC 12% MEDIA TV programming grant - TBC 5% planned contribution from the polish public broadcaster TVP and/or pre-sales We already received the development support for JSB/Endover Groove from Polish Film Institute and therefore we have a fair chance of obtaining the production support as well. Mostly because it’s PFI’s policy to fund production of the projects which were already supported by PFI at the development stage, so that they can be sure that these projects will have a chance to go into production. The production support from Polish Film Institute for the production of animated TV series can go up to 50% of the production budget. Furthermore, thanks to newly introduced Cash Rebate Program we can obtain up to 70% of production finansing from PFI. After finishing development we are planning to apply to Creative Europe for TV programming funding for the production of the series as well. We will also pitch JSB to Polish Public Broadcaster - TVP. For the moment we do not know how much TVP would like to invest in this particular project but their usual investment in animation series is around 5% of the total budget.


CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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