Alex embarks on a quest to find Sophia, the love of his life, who was not chosen for further reproduction by the Artificial Intelligence that controls the human race.

Set in the caves of the dystopian future, DELETED is a hybrid 3D animated/live-action film. In this story about love and freedom, futuristic humans are realistic 3D characters, while their virtual avatars are life-like humans (real actors). The main hero, Alex, escapes the AI-controlled virtual reality to find Sophia, who has been thrown into the underground caves among the other deleted humans that are left to die there. Alex survives in the underworld by joining a rebel group, where he finds out that Sophia is still alive somewhere there. Finally, he finds her among a group of people who live strictly naturally, and claim that the creation of the world theory as told by the AI is false. However, their happiness doesn’t last long. The two of them are forced into coming to the surface of the Earth, where, alone in the radioactive yet still magnificent nature, they discover their own world.

Director’s statement
Our film is a hapless love story of two people who live in parallel realities in the distant future. It speaks of human freedom at the moment when it is lost, and when love is the only hope. It depicts a future that reflects our current reality. It relies on art, and philosophy, from Plato to film classics, The Matrix and Avatar, films by Tarkovsky and Christopher Nolan, and we hope it will make at least a small step forward in better understanding the complexity in which we (will) live. It enhance contrasts - real and unreal, true or false. The comfort of prison and the risk of freedom. Live-action and animation. The bright light of day and the darkness and claustrophobia of the cave, which will be enhanced by a handheld camera, always close to the 3D characters. We will feel the breath of our heroes. I want the audience to lose track, whether it’s a live-action or an animation scene, and focus on the emotions. Because it’s a film about love - on all levels.

Director and Scriptwriter
Zoran Krstic

Country of production


Target audience

16-55, sci-fi fans, gamers, both male and female

Animation Technique

Hybrid / 3D animation (virtual production) + live-action

Production company

MIR Media Group

CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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