“Creaturas” brings a narrative of harmony and adjustment. In contrast to the current imbalance caused by humans, it reveals a world of creatures seeking equilibrium with their environment.

A utopia where eyes and ears are guided throughout an ecosystem with strange but familiar creatures. With a game of synchronizations and bizarre sounds, we are led across these beings’ routine and their roles in the making of the visual and sound landscape of the world. Different environments shape this world, like a submerged landscape where a breathing terrain with a deep valley covered in plants spawns a deep water creature. Humanoid characters play with unexpected movements of the body and interact with each other through touch or sound. They work as a community and keep harmony, building the environment along with the creatures whom they share a habitat with. Throughout these moments we will witness how sound accompanies movement and how it reshapes the landscape. We will observe cycles, creation, playfulness and even moments of doubt or distress where a disruption in the ecosystem can appear. This will be a time for the creatures to realize the necessary means to restore balance.

Director’s statement
The idea of a nature focused utopia was a way to escape the mess and excess that moves our world. Seeing the abusive use of our natural resources resulting in disconnection, led me to search alternative ways of thinking and living.
Artists like Bernie Krause, remind us what we forget to learn from nature. He states in “The Niche Hypothesis” that animals’ voices evolved in order to fit a unique space in the sound spectrum of the environment. This thought drove a desire to explore visual harmony and the connection between image and sound. Since music has played an important role in my life, it was crucial from an early stage to share and experiment this project with a musician who experiences similar values.
"Creaturas" aims for a world that values diversified flora and creatures that shape and adapt to the environment’s needs. While showing how nature inspires creation, my goal is to explore movement and sound; associations and dissociations; equilibrium, disruption and mutations.

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CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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