80 min.


Children of the Wind Mother

Szélanya gyermekei

The siblings, Kata and Csongor get trapped in the world of ghosts. In order to get home, they must confront their family's fate and save their great-grandmother, Wind Mother, the Godess of Winds.

The wind blows from a cave which is guarded by Wind Mother, who if once dies, a huge storm will arise. Kata, the eccentric 7-year-old girl, hears whispers in the wind and sleepwalks at night. She has a brother, the 11-year-old Csongor. On the day their grandfather is hospitalized, she follows the voices and disappears into the dark forest. Csongor sets off with Rózsi, their pig, who lives his life as a wolf, to search for Kata. The siblings meet in the realm of ghosts where they must battle magical creatures. Throughout the fantastic journey Kata feels more and more empowered. It turns out, that she is one of the rare wind ghosts, who can control the winds. The creatures were luring her away from the world of the people, to take over the place of Wind Mother, who is on her deathbed. While Kata would stay, Csongor feared that he might lose his sister and will never see their grandfather again. He is determined to find the way back home, when Yotengrit, the Great Ghost kidnaps Kata...

Director’s statement
I still have intense memories about my grandparents, how hard it was for them to open up when they talked about their losses. As an adult, I’ve realized how much their silence has affected me, and I still feel its impact. In fact, the tightening conflicts - like processing grief, crises that come with age, or the journey of finding ourselves - in the soul of my characters are my very own.
Kata and Csongor manage to solve the trauma of their grandad, who repressed it for decades by getting to know themselves.
The magnificent Celtic fairytales and the exciting stories originating from Scandinavia inspired me to dive into the ancient Hungarian mythology. That is how I got to know the figure of Wind Mother, who gives the essence of the story. I decided to take a fresh turn and give some life to this old legend. Apart from that, what I also find really exciting and unexplored is that the stories of our origin help us get closer to ourselves and to nature.

Country of production


Target audience


Animation technique

2D (vector based)

Production company


Estimated budget

4 500 000 EUR

Stage of the project

script development (existing treatment)

Looking for

Director, co-producer, distributor, broadcaster, international sales


CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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