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A withdrawn, deaf boy is passing the time by playing video games in the solitude of his room. His brother invites him to a concert featuring a mysterious band, which will change his life forever.

A withdrawn, deaf teenager named Vajk gets an invitation from his brother to join him for a concert of a mysterious band. After some hesitation, he decides to escape his unvarying lifestyle. Their trip leads to the town's old abandoned factory. At the concert, he is wearing his cochlear implant but only senses unbearable noise through it. When he takes them off, he realizes that he has been abandoned and tries to get out. As the band begins to play their next song, the crowd goes wild and pushes Vajk with his head against the floor. Through it, he hears something clearly. The sound transforms the factory and the crowd into an abstract mass, lifting the boy’s body into the air. At the peak of the song, he falls back to reality. When Vajk wakes up, he hears a dull ring, which slowly blends with ambient noises. A branch breaks under his feet, reminding him of the sounds he heard last night. He notices that his implants are ruined. Vajk can’t get back to the quiet silence he’s used to.

Director’s statement
My diploma project, Bonefuzz, is an adaptation of a short story by Attila Veres, titled Mistcity. The film was inspired by a fragment of his story, where a deaf boy meets a mysterious rock band whose music can be heard by him. As someone who can’t imagine life without music and composing, I wanted to capture the fundamental effect music can have on our perception of reality. Representing this, the band’s song has both a lasting psychological and physical effect on the protagonist. To emphasize the climax of the film, I want to establish a sense of mystery and anticipation, for which I would use the cinematography of mystical thrillers, and the musical aesthetics of the 90's rock era. The technical execution combines traditional and 3D animation. As a director, I treat sound and visuals as equally important. The style of the animation focuses on bold, dynamic movements, over detailed backgrounds. I would use OSC driven animations to highlight the sync between music and motion.

Director and Scriptwriter
Mark Laszlo

Country of production


Target audience

adults, young adults

Animation Technique

3D (CGI), drawing


CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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