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26 x 5′




A boy on a bog overcomes his limited surroundings by transforming familiar experiences into surprising adventures.

The series follows the adventures of a boy on a bog where routine tasks are a springboard for whimsical encounters. With its mingled sense of familiarity and timelessness, the bog becomes a blank canvas on which to express boundless creativity. The bog is shared by a miniature society of children and animals, from the commonplace to the extraordinary. Bogboy reflects the joys and frustrations of children everywhere as he meets the challenges of the bog head-on. Each off-the-wall storyline is shaped by an authentic childhood experience. Taking the triumph of the imagination as its primary concern, the series explores themes of innocence, freedom and engagement with nature. The playful charm of the series is captured through a retro, hand-crafted aesthetic. Easy-to-follow storylines combine with a wordless pantomime style for a timeless series that aims to resonate with preschool audiences.

Director’s statement
The series aims to transform familiar experiences of childhood into whimsical stories that speak a universal visual language. Through distinctive artistry and dialogue-free storytelling, each episode balances tasteful humour with tender moments. As a director, there is wide-ranging appeal throughout the series; from Bogboy’s non-verbal performance style, to the surreal obstacles and offbeat characters he encounters on his journeys. The series' creative use of fantastical imagery offers endless scope for stories that mingle the bizarre and the familiar, for which animation is uniquely suited. There is a shared simplicity in the show's content and visual style. The simplified design and playful style of limited 2D animation capture a warmth at the heart of the show, while the linear storytelling achieves a charm that is immediately accessible to young audiences.


Jack O'Shea

Paul Ruttledge

Country of production


Target audience

preschool children

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Production company

Bogboy Productions

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financing, sales agents, broadcasters


CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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