TV series


26 x 11´


Billy & the Boingo Band

Billy & the Boingo Band

Four misfit musician monsters, touring the world in a flower-power 1960’s VW Van to help preschoolers solve daily problems.

In each episode, our ragtag team is on their way to a new and exciting location some place on earth, where they encounter a creature with a problem. Billy says, “We have to stop!” and Pearl says, “Are you sure there is enough time?” and he says, “We have to make time!” Our Monsters step in with acknowledgment and advice, and a specific exercise to address the emotional issue. Then our monsters repeat it with exaggerated silliness. Each episode ends with a delightful Boingo Band performance and an unforgettable song about the difficulty and the solution. We explore mindfulness and “otherness” - perhaps the stigmatism of labels such as ADHD, autism, and other "disabilities" by proposing that perhaps there is no such thing as a disability, but that we all think and function differently. Our monsters that are here are different ways of thinking and functioning, and that this can actually be an asset.

Director’s statement
In creating and directing this new series, I am excited to explore the idea of neuro-diversity for children with these beautifully designed monsters. The world we have is full of color, texture, movement and music. Small children, and especially children with disabilities, whether physical or mental, respond well to music. We want to tackle stigmas, and be supportive of those kids who feel left out of society. We also will mix this up with daily preschool problems. The show intends to use powerful animation and celebrity musicians with disabilities to show the power of having a challenge in life as an asset. To this end, I intend to direct the series with mindfulness, inclusiveness and all children in mind. The overall direction of the show is to suit our younger target age group of 3-5. This means pacing which is not too fast and not too slow. Story points, beats, songs and conclusions are designed to be age-appropriate.

Director and Producer

Shabnam Rezaei

Country of production


Target audience

kids 3 - 5

Animation technique

2D (vector based)

Estimated budget


Funding secured

40,000 Development Funding from Canadian Media Fund - Canada


CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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