A hot summer day brings several neighbours out on their balconies. During a sudden rainstorm, one of them gets a burst of inspiration, which encourages the rest to live in the moment.

It is summer. Time stands still in a small inner-city courtyard. Five neighbours reveal snippets of their everyday lives on the balconies of their apartment buildings. The young flute player has no inspiration and feels indifferent to the world around her. Her flute lies abandoned on the balcony floor. Directly across the street lives a mother who has no time to relax. Her clothesline stretches across the backyard. It ends above the neighbour who loves grilling fish. He is distracted by his hobbies and pays no attention to his surroundings. Next to him lives a shy florist who anxiously looks after his plants. On the balcony above him, a cheerful teenager is enjoying the sunny day.
A sudden breeze signals an impending rainstorm on the horizon. The wind blows over the scattered wine bottles on the flute player’s balcony. The flautist reaches for her flute and breaks free from her apathy. She begins to play. Everyone freezes for a while, and together, they witness a magical moment.

Director’s statement
The idea for Balconada came in the first days of summer during the pandemic. To cope with loneliness and stress, I obsessively watched films with a lot of humour. Influenced by this escapism, I felt inspired to make a light-hearted and funny short animated film. Spending most of my time alone, I began to appreciate even the tiniest events of my day. The idea naturally evolved into a deeper exploration of feelings and the importance of insignificant moments in daily life. I want to express how experiencing something magical in an ordinary situation can inspire us to live the moment.


Vessela Dantcheva
Director and Scriptwriter

Iva Tokmakchieva

Kamelia Tavitian

Country of production


Target audience

teens, adults

Animation Technique


Production company

Compote Collective

CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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