Babu in the Night City

Babu v nočním městě

A girl aged eight on a night trek through the city's periphery in search of a lost parrot. A children's film-noir detective story with elements of sci-fi, and also Petr Vodička's feature-length film debut. The script is based on his successful radio and theatre plays.

Following the mysterious disappearance of her dad, 8-year-old Babu is often alone at home with her parrot. When a thief steals it, Babu sets off on a night-time expedition to save her animal friend. During her journey, she finds unexpected allies: an unsuccessful rapper, a night jogger and a homeless man. Together, they must overcome the mad Professor X who is able to transform humans into animals and vice versa. A film-noir detective puppet-animated story takes place in a contemporary night-time city where the inhabitants take on dimensions of fairy-tale characters and all the while don ́t lose touch with everyday social reality.

Director’s statement
The theme, which thus far was produced as a theatre and a radio play, provides for me a solid torso onto which one can add some flesh of a puppetry treatment. When writing the script, I am ready to enrich the plot with new settings and characters, strengthen the detective story frame and also to provide more space for artistic elements in order to ensure that the planned fusion of puppets and street-art inspiration takes place. I am of the opinion that for the age group it is intended for, the roughly 75-minute length is in no way limiting, and using my extensive theatre experience I think it is possible to tell a story to its full potential without losing anything in terms of depth. We aim to make multi-layered dialogues linked to the detective story plot to be interesting for the adult audience as well.


Petr Vodička


Radim Procházka


Country of production

Czech Republic

Target audience

family, children aged 8–12, primary school

Animation Technique

stop motion, puppet

Production company

Kuli Film

Co-production company

Studia Anima (Czech Republic)

Até Ao Fim do Mundo (Portugal)


CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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