The film „Autumn” is an original, metaphorical story about fundamental existential questions about the purpose of existence, the nature of man and his place in the world, both ontological and strongly empirical sense.

Autumn is a project based on the observation of nature, relating directly to memories of this season, in the sphere of building the scenery and drama, as well as in the sphere of semantics. The film takes place during one day in the fall. It begins in the dense, morning mist which form a sophisticated background for the mystery filled motion and rhythm of birds flying past. The migrations of birds create a masterful spectacle, a form perfect in motion, image and sound, complemented by symphonic music. Subsequent scenes, shown against a backdrop of gusty wind, amongst unruly clouds of falling leaves and heavy torrents of rain, reveal a gradual, yet unremitting destruction of the form. Birds die, vegetation withers away, man grows old, loses his loved ones, to ultimately also die. Unfortunately, death is not yet the end of the film’s journey. We still get to observe man’s departure into the afterlife, where the funeral cortege is formed by demons who lead the man straight to hell.

Director’s statement
The film’s concept is the author’s original interpretation of fall, in simple terms understood as life, arising from an observation of reality, reaching to memories, histories and archetypes within the arts. It is a kind of study on the experience of human emotional states. The film is a story of loss, the hopeless tale of life, experience of grief. The proposed film project assumes utilizing the characteristics of the fall season as a setting to present scenes, while the observation of reality provides the drama. The inspiration for constructing the film’s scenes is a look upon the world from the perspective of the titular year 2020. Although, for a more complete identification of the meaning of fall, we can also find historical and iconographic references, e.g. to 19th century events of natural history, showing the extinction of the passenger pigeon, at one time being the most common bird species on Earth, whose numbers reached several billion per flock.


Wojciech Sobczyk

Aneta Zagórska

Robert Sowa

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CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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