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8 min.




A calm figure is thrown into a never-stopping train, and directed to the driver's cabin, which for some unknown reason is necessary for him, but passengers who need to get off complicate the journey

The train passes a station, flashing signals, and enters a tunnel. In the tunnel, we just see darkness and flashing lights, until we pass them. The figure is sitting on the roof of the train in the wind and not perceiving anything. A hand emerges from the roof opening, grabs the figure's arm and pulls it. The main hero falls down. We meet the conductor and he shows him the cabin at the end of the wagon, where they need to go. They reach an agressive crowd of people who want to get off. Everyone aggressively follows the main hero. Fortunately, the figure reaches the control cabin in time. He looks around when he sees the control panel being operated by someone, but no-one is really sitting there. He puts on his cap and the autopilot turns off. The train is back under control and the figure's eyes glow. The train stops. Crowds come and go, the conductor blows his whistle and the train starts to move again. We see approaching flashing signals, enter the tunnel,..

Director’s statement
The whole story is based on my own subjective point of view with experiences with derealization/depersonalization - a psychological issue in the field of dissociation disorders, which are characterized by various ways of connecting a person with his consciousness, body, memories, and thoughts.
Derealization is characterized by a man separated from ordinary life. You feel as if everything around you is not real and is made up. Depersonalization is in turn characterized by detachment from oneself. You do not believe that you exist, you are a bit like a narrator - you no longer interfere in life. Althought it may seem very bizarre or Kafkaesque, such disorders really reside in people. In psychology, it appears to be a somewhat neglected topic, despite the fact that 1.5% of people of the total world population go through these disorders. In conclusion, I do not want to take this topic as something dramatic but only to metaphorically point out the fact that these things exist.

Country of production

Czech Republic

Target audience

All categories

Animation Technique


Looking for

Producer, Festival representative, Sound designer


CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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