May 21 | 12:00—13:30 | Masterclass

Artist Behind Commissioned Work: Creating Short for Adult Swim

Júlia Farkas is the first Hungarian artist who made a short for Adult Swim Smalls, a series dedicated to young artists who can realize their own vision. Júlia is an animation film director who is also an accomplished art teacher and active in the field of new media, her popular gifs have reached more than 2 billion views on her Giphy’s site.

In this masterclass Juli will tell us about how to create an auteur animation even if it is a commissioned work. She will tell us how she came up with the initial idea, how to experiment during the production and let new ideas be born even in the later stages and how can you fit these into the original concept. Afterwards, she will examine why the extra short films and animation go well together and why it is interesting to work in this format and how a strange surreal humor feeds her work. She will also tell about the new challenge she faced, when she started to explore the relationship between the visuals and creative sound design.

Júlia Farkas (1980) is a Budapest-based animation director, character designer, GIF and AR filter maker. She studied animation and visual communication at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art And Design in Budapest. She is especially inspired by parallel universes and likes to fill her work with humor and abstract thinking.

Mini thriller, 2008
The Muscular Princesses, 2009
Sunday Hangover, 2011
No End, 2018
Big Crunch, 2021

Big Crunch is a completely spontaneous, freely associative visual mindfuck, morphs and zooms fuse the various situations into a single, continuous scene. The action takes part in our future – or our past. Addictive, intense sci-fi-ish scenes build onto each other, accompanied by a somewhat dark soundscape. Fun characters and spaces, changing physical states, mythological symbols meet in a surreal sci-fi world.

“In recent years, the Adult Swim branch of Cartoon Network has introduced a radical and innovative range of new programming, much of it animation. Adult Swim represents a really fresh, irreverent and darkly humorous platform for contemporary and experimental forms of animation. Their willingness to embrace new approaches, and to support young and up-and-coming artists and filmmakers, has meant that a breadth of new work is available to viewers, giving a voice to a new, often less-traditionalist generation of artists and animators, with new types of story to tell. The Adult Swim Smalls programming system, which was launched in 2018, has enabled a real fluidity to the range of commissioned content, with the artist supported in making deeply experimental independent work that would not fit on more traditionalist platforms.” (via Zippy Frames)



Júlia Farkas



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