Co-Production Opportunities at MIFA 2023: Discover the Latest CEE Projects Seeking Partnerships

Discover a multitude of exciting animated projects originating from the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region that are currently seeking co-producers! These innovative and diverse projects are set to captivate audiences worldwide with their unique storytelling and creative vision.

Join us at MIFA (Creative Europe MEDIA Stand) where you’ll have the exclusive opportunity to meet these talented producers, explore potential collaborations, and witness the future of CEE animation unfold.

Visit our delegation at the Creative Europe MEDIA Stand or check contacts in the brochure.

13ka, Czech Republic

The Websters, series 7 x 12 min, dir. Katarína Kerekesová, 3D animation

Anima /Kuli Film

Babu In the Night City, feature, dir. Petr Vodička, puppets

Orf, series, dir. Jan Cechl, puppets

First Book, short, dir. Miloš Zvěřina, glass animation

animation people

The Precious Gift, feature, dir. Lenka Ivančíková, 3D computer, puppets, stop-motion

About First Tree, short, dir. Lenka Ivančíková, combination

Bedna Films

Little Man, feature, dir. Radek Beran, puppets


Adgwa-Ata, short, dir. Zsuzsanna Kreif, 2D animation

Dino Doom on Desert Planet, feature, dir. Zsuzsanna Kreif & Balázs Turai, 2D animation

Chase A Cloud

Kalo The Zmey, feature, dir. Sava Komitski, 2D/3D animation

Code Benders, series, dir. Sava Komitski, Stani Milev, 3D animation

Chip & Dip: Food Detectives, series, dir. Sava Komitski, 2D animation

Cinemon Entertainment

Miracles, series, dir. Beata Kis-Kery, 2D animation

Compote Collective

Coddiwomple, short, dir. Petko Modev, drawn animation

Date With Myself, short, dir. Iva Tokmakchieva, mix-media animation

Switch, short, dir. Dalibor Rajninger, drawn and cut-out animation

CUB Animation

Rosie and Sapphire, series, dir. Anna Katalin Lovrity, digital 2D

Milu’s Dog, short, dir. Daniel Gray, frame-by-frame hand-drawn animation

Derengo Animation

Dr. Drennan Berry’s 100% Pure Fruitloopery, series 22 min episodes, dir. Emi Farmosi, 2D animation

H.A.Z.E., series 24 min episodes, dir. Ferenc Nóthóf, 2D/3D animation

Marty’s Garden, series 10 min episodes, dir. Bálint Benkovits, 2D/3D animation


How It Grows, series, dir. Miha Kalan, 2D animation

Flying Kathy, series, dir. Jernej Žmitek, 2D animation

Knittles, series, dir. Timon Leder, stop motion and 2D animation


PoCats, series 26 x 7 min, dir. Csaba Bárdos, CGI


NinjaCats, series 26 x 11 min, dir. Csaba Bárdos, CGI


Animums, series of shorts, dir. Veronika P. Szemlova, Eliska Oz, Adela Kukalova, combination

LeLe Crossmedia Production

Pattern, short, dir. Andrzej Jobczyk, 2D/3D/generative animation

All About Maria, feature, dir. Róża Misztela, mixed animation

Le Moulin De La Mort short dir. Robi Engler 2D animation

Likaon WJTeam

Dr. Howl, feature, dir. Joanna Jasińska-Koronkiewicz, 2D animation

Monsters SOS, series, dir. Izumi Yoshida, 2D animation

The Snowy Street, short, dir. Dorota Cieśla, 2D animation

MAUR film

Rosentaal, feature, dir. Miroslav Krobot

I died in Irpin, short, intimated anidoc from contemporary Ukraine

The Moorland Demon, short, dir. Martin Pertlíček, STOP MOTION


Funfair, short, dir. Évi Darabos, 2D hand drawn

Three Wishes, TV Special

The Spirit of Hillside, feature

Worst Films

Period Drama, short, dir. Michaela Mihalyi, mix of techniques

Zographic Films

Fishie, series, 26 x 6 min, dir. Dimitar Dimitriov, 3D animation

The Biscuiteers, series 26 x 6 min, dir. Lachezar Velinov, 3D animation

Grizzlebetter, feature, dir. Broni Likomanov, 3D animation


CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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