Film content distribution is a thriving and profitable industry. But when we talk about the distribution of short animated films by authors, we immediately realize that this is a field that has its own peculiarities and laws. After the international success of adult animated films and the popularization of this film expression, we realized that filmmakers need high-quality and concrete distribution strategies and distributors.

We have teamed up with Luce Grosjean, co-founder and president of MIYU (France), the largest distribution company specializing in short original animated films, to design an in-depth and interactive workshop for anyone interested in learning more about the specifics, problems and solutions of successfully distributing short animated films. The workshop offers a rich program and the participation of key international players in the field of short film distribution, who will share their knowledge and experience.


The Shorts Distribution Workshop will be held in Ljubljana between November 25 and December 3, 2023. It will consist of facilitated group sessions and interactive sessions led by tutors Luce Grosjean and Juraj Krasnohorsky, as well as panels and masterclasses by Benoit Berthe (Animation Showcase, FR), Vanja Andrijević (Bonobo, HR), Wouter Jansen (Square Eyes, NL), Magdalena Drgas (New Europe Film Sales, PL), Cord Dueppe (Interfilm, DE), Valentin Rebondy (Cinema Public Films, FR), Britt Raes (BE) and others.

Statement by tutor Luce Grosjean

After working in short film distribution for the last 11 years, I felt that we really need a center to support short film distribution initiatives from all European countries and provide them with information and skills. Every organization, company or independent person contributes to shaping the short film industry as the most creative and innovative area of the film industry. At the same time, the art of animation has managed to professionalize itself with better and better short films that show a beautiful maturity and recognition, and we can also see incredible international co-productions of feature films that have reached global markets and audiences, such as the animated documentary Flee, which received three nominations for the 2022 Oscars.

With the creation of this workshop, we want to continue to look for all kinds of projects that will help this industry shine, attract more attention and always be closer to the audience, which becomes the best defender of our industry every time they have access to our content.

We also believe that when we bring together the most talented European distributors with new and promising distributors in one week, not only new ideas are created, but also a stronger industry is built. Sharing our knowledge, expanding screening opportunities and transforming cultural education into a powerful tool for our cinemas is not only a way to follow the rise of the industry, but a real tool to give a new generation access to the wonderful art of animation!


The workshop is aimed at international filmmakers interested in the distribution of short animated films. Producers, distributors and other filmmakers are invited to apply with their company/organization, from which up to 10 organizations will be selected. Each organization can apply with one or two participants. Applications from Slovenia will be given priority.

The participation fee includes accommodation and meals, travel expenses have to be paid additionally by the participants. The participation fee also includes accreditation for the 20th Animateka International Animation Film Festival.


1.200,00 EUR

1.700,00 EUR


The deadline for submitting your application is October 30, 2023.

You can apply by filling out the form at the link.

We recommend that you read the regulations carefully and prepare all required documents before you begin filling out the form.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at:



The Shorts Distribution Workshop is organized by CEE Animation Workshop and Luce Grosjean in cooperation with the Slovenian Animation Association – DSAF, the Slovak Association of Animation Producers – APAF and Animateka.

The project is supported by AIPA and the Ministry of Public Administration of the Republic of Slovenia. This project is co-financed by GO! 2025 – European Capital of Culture, Nova Gorica.

Call for applications is closed.




CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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